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MD Brand  Connect Initiative

MD Brand Connect is an initiative of Medical Dialogues that helps various advertisers of healthcare products to reach out to their healthcare niche audience with their various offerings.

“Medical Dialogues” is one of its kind platforms to get updated with the latest information in the healthcare sector. For us, medical journalism is not only a profession, it is our passion and when profession meets to passion, it always rocks. And, yes we are also breaking milestones in medical journalism. We create a buzz in the medical industry through daily updates, healthcare articles, and reporting transparent & authenticated news. In our journey, we have also generated more than 3.5 lakh subscribers that regularly read the Medical Dialogues for their news needs Advertising with us provides a unique opportunity to touch base with a very large healthcare audience all at the same time. Your product or service will be visible among various categories of the healthcare sector, including:

Hospitals Doctors Associations
Pharma Companies Chemists Medical Device Manufacturers
Equipment Companies Other Health Professionals Healthcare Associations
Government MBBS/PG Aspirants AYUSH practitioners
Medical Students Medical colleges Nursing
General Public Other Health Professionals Media
  We provide a number of mediums of advertisement, whether through our website banners and/or our newsletter. We also take guest posts, provided the content is relevant for our audience and is as per our guidelines. If you wish to advertise with us, please send us an email to or leave us a message in the following form and we will get back to you. Learn more about our advertising policy here.